This year’s curriculum has been designed to provide one day of valuable army and speed painting classes, and a two day masterclass appropriate for intermediate and advanced painters.

General structure

Each day of classes are structured in a similar fashion. We will meet for 3 hours in the morning after breakfast. There will be a break in the middle of the day so that students can grab lunch and spend some time relaxing. We will meet again in the afternoon for 3 more hours of instruction and end class with enough time to get ready for dinner in the dining room.

Day 1

The first day underway is a masterclass day. We will be learning Matt’s personal method of painting figures starting from the beginning of the process. The class will alternate between discussions, demonstration, and student application. There will be demonstrations of color sketching, blending, and textures. We will discuss composition of the colors and lighting of the figure. Students are invited to be creative with their pieces or they can follow along with Matt’s steps to learn in your own way and at your skill level. Every student will have one on one time with Matt to get help working through mastering the techniques presented.

Day 2

The second day underway Matt will be teaching classes geared towards gamers and army painters. We will be learning his signature sketch style method of army painting. The method aims to finish models in a single hour while training the painter to see light and create volume on the figure. This style takes the building blocks everyone already knows and adds sketching to create models that look far better than the traditional methods at table top distances. Better still this method of painting your army will train your eye as and brain to be a better painter and open up doors for future display painting! In addition to the speed painting discussions Matt will also train students on essential topics like paintings eyes, skin tones, and glowing objects. With these essential skills you’ll have a jaw dropping army and a new passion for the hobby aspect of your favorite game.

Day 3

The third day underway is another masterclass day. This day will focus on refining and detailing your figure. We will dive deep on painting faces and expressions with key insights revealed on how to add character to any face. Learn to enhance and personalize your project using free hand and patterns. With Matt’s insights on freehand you’ll find it a fun and accessible challenge. We’ll dive deep on various materials and how we can add details to the sculpture that will make your work tell an unique story. You will learn to refine and polish your work so that people will ask “wow! how did they do that?!”

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