I hope to see you when I’m out there on the road. Join me for a chat, a class, or coaching as I visit miniature communities around the world in 2020.


January 24th – 26th

Join us for classes at LVO 2020! I’ll be on the jury for the painting competition this year so bring your best work!


March 24th – 29th

I will be returning to Adepticon this year with a class line up filled with my most popular and iconic classes. Perfect for this Iconic event! Don’t miss out ūüėČ


April 18th – 19th

The size and variety of work on display at this show is simply stunning. This is the 79th year of this venerable show where the past and future meet. The show includes all types of miniatures from historical to fantasy and sci-fi subjects. It’s a wonderful environment to showcase your work.


May 21st – 25th

Kublacon is a lighthearted family friendly convention where you can just relax and have a good time. Take a class with me, go larping, play a boardgame, then wargame all night. When you’re at Kublacon you’re with family. Say it loud KUBLA!


July 3rd – 6th

Every three years the World Model Expo travels to a new country to showcase all the talent of the world of Miniature art and craft. All subjects and styles are exhibited in a unrivaled show with thousands of entries. The perfect excuse to get away to the Netherlands for a one of a kind vacation experience. Showcase your work, meet your favorite artists, and take in the country with me.


July 30 ‚Äď August 2

This is it, the mother of all conventions. Every year over 30,000 people journey to the mecca of geek and gaming that is GENCON. I’ll be teaching a full array of 2-hour events in the hobby miniatures area . I’ll also be helping out with the painting competition/showcase, so bring your latest creations to show to the massive audience. GENCON is a trip, a spectacle, a show. You’ll never see it all but I hope to see you there!


Oct 9th – 10th

Monte San Savino, Italy

November 7th – 9th

A tiny Town, a miniature convention. Of all the places, somehow it is perfect, and the people are perfect. To be here now it fills my heart. Come to Monte San Savino. It is worth the trip even if you are a world away. Here you are family.