I provide a variety of distinct commission painting services to suit the needs and budgets of any miniature enthusiast. Whether you are a collector of fine miniature artwork or a gamer with the idea for the perfect army we are here to bring life to your desires. Below you will find all you need to know about our services and process. Contact Us today to schedule your dream project.


Fine Art Miniatures

  • Become a collector of one-of-a-kind pieces of miniature art.
  • With each project the sky is the limit! Commission me to realize your wildest dreams in miniature.
  • You may also commission an artist’s choice for a special surprise at a particular price point.
  • These are the type of miniatures that I would typically take to Crystal Brush or a similar competition.
  • These miniatures are not meant to be playable, each is mounted to a custom plinth.



Display Quality Miniatures

  • Display quality miniatures are beautiful yet functional pieces of art.
  • These miniatures are equally at home in the display case as on the gaming table.
  • Create miniatures you will fall in love with! Choose to take part in the design process or set me loose to create in my own style.
  • We do not accept armies at this level, due to time constraints. We are more than willing to warcasters, generals, or important figures for your army.



Sketch Style Miniatures

  • A style designed to deliver high-drama and expressiveness to you gaming table.
  • Your models will look beautiful and dramatic without costing an arm & a leg.
  • Sketch style is available for project large and small. From single minis to large armies
  • For those on a budget, commissions can be spaced out over a larger span of time
  • I will work with you to tailor a schedule that works to your budget and needs
  • I am sometimes booked 4-6 months in advance for army sized commissons. Rush booking may be available at an additional cost. Large armies may need to be spaced over a larger amount of time to accommodate the full schedule.