“Homecoming” Gallery is up in Fine Art

I painted this piece a couple years ago. Until recently I had serious trouble getting satisfactory photos; it is just so small! Enjoy the Gallery

“After years of war he sees his home again for the first time. His tools lie rusted in the field where nature has grown in his absence. A heaviness grips him. In his heart he longs to set his sword against the wall; to rust and rot and to never be taken up again. May the earth cleanse his hands and his sweat ease his burden. But, the sword will lie hidden in some dusty place under the eaves…. Sharp, silent and ready.”

The Ice Fisherman of Titan Gallery is up!

Today the Cassini Space craft makes it’s final plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn. In honor of this great achievement I want to share a project of mine that was inspired by Cassini’s great journey: The Ice Fisherman of Titan.

His skin is cracked and weathered beyond his years. Yet, in his eyes, hope shines like rings glittering in the light of a distant sun.

This project is dedicated to My Father Stephen DiPietro. Thank you for always encouraging me to shoot for the stars no matter how distant. I love you Dad.

Take me to the gallery!


New Sketch Style Gallery added

I’ve added a new gallery of the sketch style models I painted last year. When I started this revolution in the way I paint gaming miniatures I could not have hoped for such great success with the method. Thanks so much to my clients and supporters. I will be offering many opportunities for you to learn this great method for painting. Check out our Events Page for more information on upcoming workshops!

Painted by Matt DiPietro

Sketchbook 2016 added to the gallery page

Contrast Miniature’s first year marked the start of many explorations into methods of painting. I found that I liked the concept of sketching on miniatures and used some form of sketching in all my work going forward. So I thought it would be fun to share a collection of all my sketches for the year. Here they are… some are in black and white others in unadulterated color. Still others are gestural sculptures.

I hope you will enjoy this year’s sketchbook!

Happy Holidays

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. I’ll be spending the last days of 2016 updating the website and preparing for a new and exciting year. To all my customers, friends, followers, and fellow travelers I want to say thank you for making Contrast Miniatures first year a success. I wish you all find peace, love, and connection in your lives.

All the best until next year,
Matt DiPietro