The Ice Fisherman of Titan Gallery is up!

Today the Cassini Space craft makes it’s final plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn. In honor of this great achievement I want to share a project of mine that was inspired by Cassini’s great journey: The Ice Fisherman of Titan.

His skin is cracked and weathered beyond his years. Yet, in his eyes, hope shines like rings glittering in the light of a distant sun.

This project is dedicated to My Father Stephen DiPietro. Thank you for always encouraging me to shoot for the stars no matter how distant. I love you Dad.

Take me to the gallery!


Learning to Sculpt: Gestural Sculpting

A 1/4 scale armatureThis is the first in a series of articles about my experiences learning to sculpt. Follow along as I try something that is entirely new to me. In this article we explore 5 weeks of gestural sculpting where the goal is to capture the pose and feeling of the model as quickly as possible.