Learning to Sculpt: Gestural Sculpting

A 1/4 scale armatureThis is the first in a series of articles about my experiences learning to sculpt. Follow along as I try something that is entirely new to me. In this article we explore 5 weeks of gestural sculpting where the goal is to capture the pose and feeling of the model as quickly as possible.


“The Dark Harvest” Gallery is Live!

Dark Harvest from Contrast Miniatures by Matt DiPietro“Deep below the earth, where the light cannot reach, lurks a twisted thing. Over centuries, it has grown on blood and sacrifice to wrap its roots around the heart of the world. And it is said that when the millennium turns and the kingdoms of man are ripe, it will bear a single fruit.” 


“Bloodstone” Gallery is Live!

Bloodstone Diorama from Contrast Miniatures by Matt DiPIetroMy first foray into the art of diorama. This idea lived in my head for many years ever since I painted the first versions of the models for the Privateer Press Studio. The canyon lands of the American south west are like a siren’s song to an Artist. They are ancient, lonely, and beautiful. The canyons remind me of my true scale in the world. They humble me with their scope through space and time. I love them for that reason.