The Ice Fisherman of Titan Gallery is up!

Today the Cassini Space craft makes it’s final plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn. In honor of this great achievement I want to share a project of mine that was inspired by Cassini’s great journey: The Ice Fisherman of Titan.

His skin is cracked and weathered beyond his years. Yet, in his eyes, hope shines like rings glittering in the light of a distant sun.

This project is dedicated to My Father Stephen DiPietro. Thank you for always encouraging me to shoot for the stars no matter how distant. I love you Dad.

Take me to the gallery!


10 Thunders Crane Clan Warband

Recently I had the pleasure to paint a Malifaux warband on commission. I knew these Monks would look great in the Sketch Style. With efficient paintjobs I was able to spend some time adding freehand Tattoos to some of the special characters. I Really like this little warband! It was a blast to paint and it will look great on the battlefield!



Learning to Sketch: an Overview


Ever wonder what is the meaning of the term “sketching” in art and in miniatures? What utility does sketching serve the artist? What are some examples of sketching in various mediums? And what are some methods for applying the sketching concept to miniatures in particular? These are the questions I will seek to answer in this article, the first in a series on the wonderful art of sketching.