At the heart of Contrast Miniatures is a dedication to teach and encourage the next generation of miniature artisans. Through Private Coaching, Demonstrations, and Group Classes I aim to spread the enjoyment of creating beautiful and functional miniature art. I am able to teach a wide variety of styles and techniques to enhance your painting whether you are a beginner or an accomplished competition painter. I can meet you at your current level and show you the next step or even a new way.

Private Coaching

  • Private coaching is the quickest and best way to learn. Students recieve immediate feedback about their work and technique through one on one coaching.
  • Sessions are appropriate for students of all skill levels. Each session is custom designed for you and your personal modeling goals.
  • I have become an artist cross trained in the various styles of miniatures. What this means is I can teach realism or fantastical, smooth blending or gestural painting, quick tabletop painting or refined competition level. There is a subject applicable to every student.
  • Subjects like composition and artistic theory can be explored to maximize the impact of your figures.
  • Classes are conducted in a comfortable low pressure environment. We will move at your pace and overcome difficulties one at a time.
  • Choose a session length that is right for you. From a single hour, to a full or multi day session. Discounts are given for longer sessions.
  • Bring a friend or two along for a small group session with 1-3 people.
  • In person sessions are availible at my studio located in beautiful Seattle Washington. I can provide lodging for out of town guests on a budget. Come visit me for a one of a kind miniature art experience.
  • Online hangout sessions are available for critique, discussions of theory, and portfolio reviews.
  • Am I attending a convention near you? Contact me to schedule a private coaching session around or during the event.


Short Classes/Demonstrations

  • Short classes can be held in store or at conventions.
  • Short 2 hour classes that vary from straight demonstration to those with hands-on tutoring.
  • Each session explores a single topic. Available topics include:
    • Two-brush Technique
    • Varieties of blending
    • Freehand
    • Weathering techniques
    • Color theory
    • Composition
    • Value sketching demonstration
    • Demonstration of illustrative technique
  • Prices for students are as low as $24/student. Class minimum does apply.



  • A Workshops are designed for 8-15 students.
  • I offer 1-2 day courses in a variety of subjects
  • These concentrated sessions are almost guaranteed to take your painting to new places and up your skills to new level
    • I will Educate about technique and theory
    • Students learn through hand-on training and demonstrations
    • Receive immediate feedback on your work with directions on how to grow
    • Workshops are appropriate for various skill levels.
    • Each class is available in 1-2 day session lengths. 2-day sessions go into greater depth, cover more topics, and have additional exercises. The 1 day sessions cover the essentials.