Visons of Adepticon 2016

The Blog has been quiet these last two weeks but that is because I’ve been travelling to Adepticion and Crystal Brush! Simply put this is the best convention in the US to go to if you want to meet great painters and see amazing artwork. This year I was a teacher and a student. I won some and I lost some. I saw old friends and met new ones. It was a great time and I can hardly wait until the painting tribe comes together again!

Learning to Sculpt: Gestural Sculpting

A 1/4 scale armatureThis is the first in a series of articles about my experiences learning to sculpt. Follow along as I try something that is entirely new to me. In this article we explore 5 weeks of gestural sculpting where the goal is to capture the pose and feeling of the model as quickly as possible.


Tabletop Miniatures: Expressive at a Distance

This Monday I enjoyed a fun session painting Tabletop Miniatures for iFINITY. Recently I have found myself falling in love with painting tabletop miniatures again. These economical paint jobs are designed to be expressive at a distance proving that a miniature doesn’t have to be expensive to have impact.




New Gallery of Gaming Miniatures Added!

2016-02-02 11.29.01Today I added a small but growing collection of Gaming Miniatures to our Gallery. Being a gamer myself, I believe that great enjoyment can be had from painting miniatures for gaming. Personally, I enjoy an expressive sketch style for the gaming models I paint for commission as well as my personal collection.